Saturday, March 8, 2008

One Pair of Shoes, Unlimited Styles

Wouldn't it be great if you could customise your shoes every day to match the outfit or accessories you are wearing? With only one pair of Mohop shoes, you can.

Their motto is, "a new pair of shoes...every day". Which is exactly what you can achieve if you own a pair of Mohop shoes.

Here is how it's done; the footbed or bottom of the shoes and the straps are separate components. You can change the look of your shoes by changing the ribbons that make up the strapping component. Varying the style and length of the ribbons, not forgetting the patent-pending strapping technique will transform the whole look of the shoes altogether.

The shoes are comfortable enough for everyday use and especially useful when travelling whereby luggage space is limited.

Designed by Annie Mohaupt in her Chicago-based studio, these handcrafted shoes are creatively designed as well as environmentally-friendly.

In the long run, these shoes are cost-effective since you just have to buy new ribbons for a "new" pair of shoes.